Dear: New Students

Hello! It is the night before the first day of school and I am sitting in my living room, a little excited and a little nervous as I think about tomorrow and the up coming year. I have so many questions. What will you, my new students, be like? Will I do a good job guiding you through your learning over this year. Will I be able to help you think about the world and helpΒ  you ask critical questions about the ideas we will explore? The new year is a time of possibilities and risks, opportunities and challenges. The whole year is ahead of us and tomorrow we will take the first step together.

Each year I try to be a better teacher than I was the one before. If you have visited room 19 before you may have noticed that I have changed it around a bit. You are a big class and I wanted to make sure we were able to move around the room and use the space in the best ways possible. Our room has a library where I keep books, a couch, three tables a computer and a desk area. These are all open to you at the appropriate times. Please respect the space by keeping it neat, picking up after yourself and being sure not to write on or deface any of the tables, books or desks. Each year I am always frustrated by the amount of students that leave garbage around the classroom or who don’t put back books borrowed from the library. It’s everyone’s space, don’t we want to work in a clean, organized area?

This year I have many great plans. Each year I run a Learning Skills Economy in room called Baker Bucks. If you’ve asked former students you may have heard of it. Soon I will give out your Baker Bucks and explain how they are used and how you may gain or lose them. This year I am exploring another interesting thing called Class Craft. I don’t yet know a lot about it but am learning and will soon introduce you to it. It is a video game we play as we learn together. Also this year I hope explore using more movement in my lessons to help those of you who like to use your body when you use your mind.

Also new this year will be a bigger emphasis on blogging. I will be using this blog to write personal thoughts and feelings on ideas we are exploring together in class. Over the next few weeks I will help you set up your own blog where you too can write about your understandings and questions. Blogging is an interesting way of reflecting and it is through reflection that we think deeply about concepts. This blog is my personal writings and reflections, don’t confuse this with the room 19 blog where I may post classroom materials, video and other media through out the year. Listen carefully in class to be sure you visit the correct blog.

Blogging is one of many things we will do on a computer or tablet this year. If you have a computer at home it will be useful this year and if you do not, be sure to be in close contact with me so that I can help make sure you are getting time outside of class to complete and submit assignments. I believe a firm understanding of new technology and its applications is very important to your future. I will make sure you know your school email address and we will use several programs regularly in our learning.

One very nice thing about technology is that it allows you to get a hold of me outside of the classroom. The following are two ways you might be able to get a hold of me many nights after school. (One note, I am often not available to answer until close to 9pm as I have small children)

Email: ksbaker@hwsb.on.ca

Twitter: @Ms_K_Baker

Rm 19 Blog (although, I don’t check this unless I’ve got something specific up): http://rm-19.commons.hwdsb.on.ca

I’m sure I have so much more to tell you about the year and the kinds of things we will do together. I am very excited to begin this journey with you. I hope that you are also excited. Keep checking in on this blog and feel free to ask questions or discuss ideas in the comments section below! See you soon!

Ms. K. Baker


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  1. I’m really excited for this year, since its a big change for all the grade 7’s. i hope to have a successful year learning getting good grades, wait….. doesn’t everybody…?

  2. wow ms baker from reading this and meeting you i can garuntee that you will be an ecxellent teacher. why were you so nervous? my friends said that they wanted to be in your class and i had no idea why, but now i know why. i look forward to our year together so we can know each other even better. i would also be frustrated if people wont clean up after themselves its not nice manners. i hope you have a great year ill meet you tomorrow, oh and one more thing when are we going to start with the baker bucks im going to try and make a buisness.

  3. i’m happy that you are looking forward to teaching us in school. i also now know you do not like it when people draw on the desk but i’m respectful and will not do it. i will make sure that i don’t see leftover food and rappers on the floor. i cant wait to start learning with you i hope you have a good night. πŸ™‚

  4. im not sure what to wright on the website.do you wright a blog before one day of school every year? and don’t worry we will keep your class clean.what dose emphasis mean? you rote it in your blog , nice blog by the way i enjoy reading it.

  5. hello my name is Endrit but my freinds like to call ne endi.
    im exited to learn about the new activeties and i enjoy working in groups

  6. with baker bucks will there be a difference as in having to go get something from your locker to wanting to sit on the couch or use a mp3 player while working if so what would the difference be with the money used?

  7. We will promise you that we will always keep our room clean. We are really lucky to have you as our teacher.😊have a nice day!😚

  8. Hi. My name is Afraz. I was Wondering, what kind of topics are we going to cover in Language and History? Also, What can Baker Bucks Get you? I am looking forward to being in your class!

  9. Dear Ms. Baker I have 2 questions
    1:Will we be going on trips this year?
    2:Whats the highest Baker buck we can earn?
    And also like you said in class about the girls last year how they didn’t like racism.
    I think I’m one of those people because I don’t think that’s okay to bully anyone just because their different and in fact its good to be different well that’s what I think!
    From Brooke Hofsten 7B

  10. Hi, Mrs.Baker I am really excited for the grade 7 journey ahead of us. I would like to ask you a question regarding the swimming lessons that we had last school year And I wanted the confirmation if we had them this year. And I would also like to get the information on the new video game and to know if it’s anything similar to dreambox (the app that we used in grade 6 to help improve our math).
    Thank you

  11. Hi Ms.Baker,I have a question about blogging, in class are we going to be able to pair up with a partner and come up an idea to blog about together or are we just going to be doing it individually?

  12. Hello my name is Maeen and I am looking forward to this year and all the experiences we will have this year as a class and looking forward to all the projects we will have in class and cant wait until we can use class craft and the baker bucks system. I will also do my part to help the classroom clean and think we will have a wonderful year and can wait until tomorrow!!

  13. hi mrs.baker I am really excited to have grade 7 with you. also at the end of the year what do you get from baker bucks? and will we be doing imovie for drama ? πŸ™‚ can’t wait to come to school tomorrow see ya ! πŸ™‚

  14. wow:)! I knew you were a great teacher but i know realize you are better than great, i should’ve known since most people that have been in your class have said your the best… including my siblings. I am very excited about this new school year and i’m ready to learn and maeen has told me to say that we both are going to do our absolute best in this amazing class. I have one question, with the baker bucks will you be able to purchase the ability to chew gum in class as long as you’re responsible with it and throw it in the proper disposal (ie garbage can).

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