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01 May

MDI Grades 4, 5 and 6 link:

MDI Grades 7 and 8 link:

Movies Related to Landforms.

22 Mar

To sign in to Learn360

  1. sign into the hub @
  2. Go to School Homepage
  3. Choose Classroom tools, click on learn 360
  4. Go to the Menu drop down and click on “My 360”
  5. Scroll to the bottom click Join group
  6. Type in the code given to you Ms. Baker to join the group and see the movies.


Google Information Form

07 Sep

If  Personal Information Form does not work please follow the link


04 Sep

Students are on Rotary. This means the students move to a variety of classrooms and have various teachers for each subject.  They will have a locker and are STRONGLY encouraged to buy and use a combination lock. Please give the homeroom teacher this combination incase of emergency. The lockers are still school property please do not damage or write on them with permanent marker. They will not have a desk that they can leave their things in. Students must plan ahead at each break (recess, lunch etc) and bring the needed tools and books to the classes they will have. Students may NOT go to their locker between classes. This is a point when many students experience organizational struggles. Caregivers are strongly encouraged to monitor this over the term.


04 Sep

Over the years I have experimented a great deal with homework. After all of my experiences I have come to the conclusion homework has some value in reasonable doses for most students in the middle school age range. Many professional careers demand that we put in extra time beyond our usual work day and getting in the habit of prioritizing, scheduling and organizing this work has merit but I also firmly feel that a balance between school and other must occur. If caregivers find a student seems to be struggling with Core homework or is constantly working for very long times (more than 60-70 min a night) then please reach out and alert me. If homework cannot be completed due to family needs please just note that you are aware it is not completed. Homework will fluctuate. Each student should improve their reading skills by practicing it for 20 minutes each night and each student will be required to complete a journal or discussion questions up to 3 times a week. Students may also be asked to read a text for the next day or work on parts assignments at home.

Technology and Devices

04 Sep

This year I will make use of many technology based tools. We will use the school technology and I allow outside devices in my Core classes at user’s own risk. I regard personal device use as a privilege and if the privilege is abused I will take it away.  Students do not need a device with a lot memory or speed but it is idea if they can connect to the internet and use a device for learning at home, however if other arrangements can be made if this is not possible. I will also use online resources to communicate with caregivers.


04 Sep

The day’s focus, homework, assignments, goals and communications from teachers will be recorded into the agenda so that caregivers can follow the student’s learning and be alerted to any areas of need. Many blank days indicates something is wrong. Also, notes and concerns will be written in the agenda should they come up. A well organized agenda usually denotes a student with good organizational skills. For me the agenda is an important tool. It is my hope caregivers are reviewing it nightly and signing it.


04 Sep

The subjects that students will be studying in Core are Language, Drama and  History/ Geography (Gr. 7), Social Studies (Gr. 6). This year I have made a schedule for students that does not specifically break down the Core subjects by time block. This year we will work to blend the learning from several subject areas and at any time any of the Core books may be required and used.  It is important that all students have all of the books and materials required in Core. 

About Me – Infograph

04 Sep

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